5 Tips for a Foodie Holiday at Home

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We all love a great get-together, why not add an extra twist to your next gathering with an international theme!? Think Mexian night with tacos & tequila, a Japanese sushi rolling party or even a traditional New Zealand hangi (ground oven)!

No matter which country or culture you choose, there are parts to an unforgettable night that are invaluable. Here we have shared our most important tips to a successful international dinner party that are guaranteed to make it a night to remember with a free printable download so you don't forget a thing. Just don't hold us responsible if your brother-in-law ends up limping home!


5 Tips for Foodie Holiday at Home | KeteKoha | Blog  

1. Friends & Family

Instead of the hard to organize family and friends holiday in a far-off destination, bring that holiday to them! It'll be a night to remember when your friends and family feel like they have had a night away. Start by sending them a picture of your destination, (of course we suggest New Zealand…) and get your friends excited & guessing where you're taking them to. Sharing a night around a destination theme can be great fun, provide a new experience and of course create those special memories that last a lifetime.

2. Learn some crazy facts about your destination

Now that you have chosen your destination and have your friends excited, add to the fun by finding some interesting facts to incorporate into the theme of your foodie holiday. You could even craft a "True or False" challenge for your guests with a prize for each correct answer – everyone loves a competition – even your friends and family!

Chosen New Zealand? Here’s 10 crazy facts about New Zealand to get you started.

3. Turn up YouTube and get lost in exotic rhythms 

Music is the great connector "The Universal Touch-All". Use music to bridge the distance between cultures and build that atmosphere. Get the sounds going throughout your evening, you might even get everyone up on the kitchen dance-floor and possibly even discover a new favorite artist. Just make sure you have some heat rub and band aids for the always over enthusiastic dancer… there’s one at every party!

Chosen New Zealand? Here’s our personal Kiwi playlist to help get your guests moving.


4. Make great drinks with great names in even greater glasses

Libate your gyrate with colorful cocktails in exciting glasses. Use jars, vases, your great grandmothers favorite stash that you've wanted to touch since a kid or head to the thrift store and collect Tiki mugs! Liquid doesn't judge. Every country has unique flavors and blends to take your friends and family away on their foodie holiday, so get creative and create a menu. Add an element of unknown and name your drinks after famous places or people and get your guests to guess what's in their drink (no roofies please!). 


5. Source exquisite artisan foods and accompiniaments

Lastly, but most importantly, find food that is different and makes the scene for your Foodie Holiday at Home and taste the distance. Google search some recipes & flavors, visit those international food stores that smell like spices and pick the brains of those who work there. Grab some souvenirs and decorations while you're there so you can dress that table up to feel like a destination holiday!

For New Zealand, make sure there is loads of greenery on your table, we are all about nature and the outdoors.





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